Portfolio: User Research Function

After roughly a year and a half working within the Growth & Innovation Team at Zip Co, the team was dissolved - with the growth & innovation function moved to be run out of the Product Team.

I moved across to the Product Team where one of the first assignments that I was tasked with was to setup a User Research Function so that we could move from "Voice of Product Manager" to "Voice of Customer".

I formulated a comprehensive user research strategy that covered most areas of the business and distributed this to all stakeholders who were involved in any of the relevant initiatives.

I then performed a number of analyses on quantitative surveys that had been conducted prior to this assignment - specifically on consumer engagement with the Zip products. From these analyses, I produced deliverables that were used to help prioritise focus and initiatives in the Product pipeline.

This was followed by a user research project in to Consumer Acquisition - which made use of online surveys, street interviews and combined the results of the analysis of these results with market research to produce deliverables for the business. Within the deliverables, I included personas, quantified the purchase funnel and benchmarked a number of aspects from this (such as awareness) against our competitors.

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