Portfolio: Request For Proposal

During my time as Head of Growth Projects at Zip Co, I was asked to run an RFP to ascertain the capabilities and attributes of a wide array of payment gateway solutions within Australia.

I organised an RFP working group - comprising of myself, my boss (the Chief Growth Officer), the CTO, our Head of Strategic Partnerships and our Head of Engineering. I liased with the working group and other stakeholders to elicit all of our requirements for our next payment gateway and documented these.

From these requirements, I produced a series of deliverables for the RFP including a one page summary / invite with a section that could be returned to register interest in participation, and a complete RFP Requirements Document that outlined the format and content of the proposals that we were expecting, the timeline/schedule for the RFP process including key milestones and supporting/supplementary information including transaction volumes, relevant architecture and anything else that may be required to help participants provide complete proposals and pricing

I then managed the RFP process, including - (i) assessment of landscape and selection of vendors to invite; (ii) invitation and relationship building; (iii) Clarification of questions during the proposal formation process; (iv) Assessment of written proposals through analysis and scoring; (v) working group sessions to assess my analyses; (vi) voting within working group for selection of vendors for each round; (vii) scheduling and managment of face to face pitches; and much more.

Overall, the process took roughly a month, at the end of which we announced the winner

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