Portfolio: Setup Pre-Sales Function

When I first joined Zip Co, I entered the company within what we called the Integrations Team. Given that I had been in a pre-sales role at PayPal, this is the kind of work that I was initially expecting. However, I found out quite quickly that my job was, in fact, primarily to perform integrations on behalf of our clients - most of them quite small.

So what did I do?

I borrowed from the experience that I had gained whilst at PayPal, and went about creating a Sales Engineering (and Pre-Sales) function at Zip. Quickly, the Integrations Team became the Sales Engineering & Integrations Team.

As part of this adaptation, I created core and critical artefacts to use as part of the pre-sales process. The need for this quickly became apparant when we began talking to larger merchants (keep in mind, I joined the company when it was 30 employees in size, and we were primarily targeting SMBs at the time).

And I created the process that was required to support the larger (enterprise and channel) merchants, that had to accompany the creation of these artefacts.

Below, I have attached an example of the Technical Proposal template that I prepared. This was in fact quite an evolved version, and I had written earlier versions for previous APIs.

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