Portfolio: Open Source Coder

I've been a coder since the age of 6 - where I won a programming competition in Year 1 of primary school by developing a word processor in QuickBasic.

I went on to learn C/C++ (using Visual Studio on Windows) and built a variety of hobby projects incl. a first person game demo w/ OpenGL and a few plugins for Clickteam's The Games Factory and Click & Create. I also reverse engineered the proprietary binary game file format for Click & Create using a Hex Editor and an iterative process of change and discovery. These projects took place during Year 9/10 of High School whilst I was studying Computer Studies.

In Year 12, I learnt HTML and client-side Javascript and began to learn Classic ASP, but quickly pivoted to learn PHP instead - on recommendation of a friend.

Whilst studying at university, I developed a content management system in PHP (as a learning project) that I iterated upon in my spare time during my first job after uni at GraysOnline. During this time, I began to learn Node.JS (server-side Javascript) and forked an open source repo - "Screenshots as a Service" - adapting the functionality to allow for presentation of a default thumbnail and async collection of new screenshots according to a cache schedule. I published my fork of this repo on my GitHub.

During my time at PayPal I refined my skills in Node.JS and learnt Angular on the front-end - utilising these skills for some internal projects at PayPal

At Zip, I created and published a range of open-source projects in PHP, Node.JS and Python - including two API Developer Playgrounds for Zip's Merchant APIs (v1 and v2), a plugin for Sublime Text Editor in Python (to help automatically build bulk sets of config files for in-store POS roll-outs), a company customer crossover analysis tool in Node.JS that allowed two companies to discover the crossover of customers without either revealing their customer list (in readable form) to the other, and a number of other projects.

Following these projects (but whilst still at Zip), I began work on a solid Node.JS web framework that I called ISNode - and that can be downloaded from by GitHub.

Most recently I have designed and developed the second generation of this framework - called Blackrock. That utilises the latest in reactive programming (using RxJS), the Scuttlebutt Gossip Consensus protocol for synchronising state between all instances of this framework / app-server running in a distributed farm, and many more interesting paradigm-disrupting features.

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