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Founder @ IndustrySwarm
(Turn-key Startup Solutions)

About Darren


I am a highly motivated professional who loves to help my employers and clients achieve unparalleled growth.

My current focus is helping to democratise the process of launching new ventures with turn-key startup solutions. The vision of IndustrySwarm is to, through this work, stimulate economic growth - as this will help to improve the standard of living of people across the globe, eliminate poverty and lift us out of this and any future recessions.

I have 13+ years of experience across two payments companies (Zip Co and PayPal) and an eCommerce company (Grays eCommerce Group). I started at Zip when there were just 40 employees and was one of the many who helped it grow to hundreds of employees AND enter the ASX300.

One last note - I'm looking for a co-founder. Development for this project is underway. Please reach out to me if you would like to help.

Skills and Interests

Able to pickup new skills extremely quickly - technical, soft skills and everything in between

Areas of Expertise: eCommerce, Payments Industry (Cards, Alternative Payment Methods, AU + Global Infrastructure), SaaS

Business Skills: Leadership, Management, Great Interpersonal Communication, Excellent Writing Ability, Analytical Acumen, Research Skills (Incl. Vendor Sourcing & Management), Account Management, Relationship Management, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Technical Pre and Post Sales & Integrations, Project Management (Planning, Scheduling, Delivery, Resource Management), Business Analysis (Requirements Elicitiation + Analysis), Business Process Management (Mapping, Modelling and Re-Engineering), Product Ownership / Management Incl. Basic UX + User Research, Strategy, Growth & Innovation, Basic Financial Modelling + Projections, General Sys Admin Work

Technical Skills: More than I care to list here. Hundreds in fact. I learn very quickly and have a full-stack philosophy (ie; the desire to understand technical domains at every level. For computing that means from the wire to the screen).